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The Disadvantages of Online CNA Training Programs

Date Added: September 16, 2016 05:16:32 PM
Author: Emily Warren
Category: Nursing

Obtaining a career within the healthcare industry is an attractive option for many. As our general population begins to age, the need for highly skilled medical professionals will experience significant increases. Because of this, the demand for certified nursing assistants has begun to rise.

With this increase of demand means and plethora of new training programs will begin to pop up throughout the country. Within our digital age, the notion of obtaining all required training through an online platform - also referred to as distance education - is not a foreign concept. While there are many advantages when it comes to obtaining your required certified nursing assistant training online, as expressed by, there are also several important disadvantages all aspiring CNAs should be aware of.

After reviewing the disadvantages, you'll have a better idea if whether or not obtaining online training is your ideal option.

Disadvantage #1 - Lack of Personal Involvement Perhaps one of the most significant disadvantages of obtaining your CNA training online is the lack of face-to-face instruction and student interaction. For many, the act of physically attending a class and being surrounded by students and having instant access to your professor is essential for the learning process. Therefore, if you feel you won't fair well in a more isolated learning environment, you should really reconsider online training.

Disadvantage #2 - Lack of Motivation While the idea of sitting in your living room taking a CNA class may seem like an attractive one, millions find out the hard way that finding motivation can be a difficult task. The only people who truly succeed in online courses are those who are self-starters and aren't easily distracted. Think really long and hard at whether or not you'll be motivated to attend a "class" after a long day at work while sitting in your bedroom or living room?

Disadvantage #3 - Dated Coursework There are some online training programs overseen by community colleges or universities. Generally, these programs follow the same coursework as their in-person counterparts. However, this isn't always the case. There are many online-only training institutions which feature outdated courses. Although they may be accredited by the state licensing board, this doesn't always mean you're receiving the highest quality education.

Disadvantage #4 - Lack of Clinical Practicum In order to qualify for the state certification examination, you must successful pass a hands-on learning module known as your clinical practice. While the most reputable online training programs offer this by connecting you with approved medical clinics, there are far more scam sites proclaiming you don't need this level of training to take the examination. Whenever you're searching for an online training program, make sure they offer a clinical practicum. If not, move onto the next school.

Recommended Resource: To review the options for CNA classes online, visit ?

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The Disadvantages of Online CNA Training Programs
The demand for certified nursing assistants has begun to rise. With this increase of demand means and plethora of new training programs will begin to pop up throughout the country.

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