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High Blood Pressure

Date Added: October 18, 2009 09:21:29 PM
Category: Cardiovascular Disorders: Hypertension

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is known as the “silent killer”. It often doesn’t show any symptoms until the problem becomes severe. Major blood pressure causes are such reasons which everyone should try to know. The major blood pressure causes as described Obesity, Triglycerides, Stress, Alcohol, Fatty foods, High cholesterol food, and sodium intake. Obesity is very important from the fact that for big structure heart has to do excessive work to supply blood to the big undesirable structure. This will put extra load to our heart. Foods rich in fat should be avoided are rarely used. Foods with high fibber are highly recommended as they can control obesity. There are certain blood pressure diets which are really helpful for blood pressure cure. Recently experiments proved that diets with high calcium are beneficial to control high blood pressure. Potassium rich diets are also very important for blood pressure control. Doctors therefore recommend potatoes, cucumber, span itch and different fruits rich in potassium. Foods high in triglycerides should be eliminated. Sodium if excessively used is very much discouraged we should avoid frozen foods instead fresh foods should be used.Blood pressure generally refers to arterial pressure in the systemic circulation. However, measurement of pressures in the venous system and pulmonary vessels plays an important role in case of patient in intensive care. Normally we use sphygmomanometer to measure the blood pressure operated and based on mercury level reading. The upper level is called systolic while lower level refers to diastolic pressure. Blood pressure is also measured by newly introduced electronic devices. The benefit related to these devices is that you can even monitor your blood pressure and again easy to operate. But the real problem is these electronic devices are not so accurate Anyhow blood pressure measurement is very important as it is very difficult to judge whether he is suffering with blood pressure and its intensity.Natural blood pressure for a normal person should be 80/120 systolic verses diastolic. Blood pressure is also related to age environmental conditions. As you grow old your elasticity of the veins/artilleries go on decreasing and you are more oriented to disturbance in your blood pressure. Above 50 year age is prone to be easy in developing high blood pressure and thus blood pressure measurement rather monitoring is very important .To be very true blood pressure age is not so significant and you may develop blood pressure at any age. Blood pressure rate is very much related to human heart. Now a day so many blood pressure drugs are available in the market that selection has become very difficult. Some doctors suggest beta blockers to control your blood pressure. Some natural blood pressure medicines are also considered very beneficial. High blood pressure drugs should be used very carefully as sometimes they lower blood pressure than required. In some of cases you feel dizziness, headache and even vomiting. In the market now some Chinese herbal high pressure drugs are easily available. The manufacturers of these blood pressure drug claim that your blood pressure will become normal and after some time you will be free of this disease. But one should be very careful about their use. They can be used with monitoring devices carefully. However some exercises act miraculously for blood pressure curing. Some doctors recommend for blood pressure certain foods known as blood pressure diets which are good for health. Use of olive oil, nuts, vegetables and high fibre diets along with fruits is highly recommended. Basically blood pressure is a root of all disease.

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